So I have this friend  that’s been with me for years .people always said best friends don’t last but we sure did !  My friend brenda has been with me for years ! She loves to cook .she would one day like to.own her own laundry Matt .she is 17 years old. He boyfriend is Dante and she has a lot of love for him .she never sleeps much i call her nocturnal haha!😂 yet she still manages to come ro school and work  .her life’s a struggle .she used to be a huge dickhead but now she’s become very respective and lady like . she’s amazing .she’s changed a lot over a few years . I love her. Very much and I can see her in her laundry Matt already !💕

❤👑 My half👑❤

​I’ve never been so in love with anyone like I am now ,he’s opened my mind and heart into a whole other level, I love him so much I can’t even discribe it ! He’s my everything , he’s everything I dreamed for in a guy , he’s perfect , absolutely astonishing , I will never fall out of love for him . He just has me feeling in the best mood  today👑 

Beginners blog!🍎😁

Hey guys my name is Lorena! I’m new to this blogging thing but I hope u you fellow men and woman like what you read . I will be blogging daily about everything that goes on in my life and I’ll keep everyone updated ! Please like share and follow me I guarantee you there’ll be no regreats !thank you and enjoy your night .📝🌉